Education Programs & Initiatives

Musket constantly empowers initiatives related to lifelong learning, not just in the transportation sector, but even expanding into medicine. The contribution of knowledge to the community, employees, and students is a mandate backed by a number of programs and initiatives that prove that education is the backbone of a community's growth.
Commercial Heavy Equipment Training (CHET)

Musket's private career college was established in 1997 to close the gap between new graduates and driver job opportunities. Most carriers at that time required 1-3 years of driving experience before they would employ anyone. This created a barrier of entry for individuals who just received their license. Our President and CEO faced this issue himself and sought to solve this problem when he established his own company. Creating his own private career college alleviated the insurance related issue of requiring driving experience to hire new graduates. As a result, Musket has had 25 successful years of connecting most of CHET graduates with driver jobs. Over 80% of CHET's AZ graduates drive for Musket. This also allows CHET to connect with multifarious funding programs due to their proven ability to train and employ.

Musket's Driver Mentorship Program/Fleet Driver Training Program

What sets Musket's program apart from other carrier programs? We create a safe training environment where the new driver is set up in their own truck with their own load and follows an experienced driver on a dispatch. Neither women or men are put in a position to share their cab during the day or overnight. New drivers also receive a full pay rate, not a reduced training rate.

Virtual Campuses

Musket believes in ongoing training opportunities and harnessing the power of technology. We created a virtual campus login for CHET students as well as Musket drivers and mechanics. The company creates custom instructional videos to help support students and staff. Whether drivers are switching lanes or moving new equipment, they are connected with resources and training opportunities.

Musket's Library

In an effort to re-brand the industry and share creative content, the company has released two free e-books. A children's book aimed to educate children about how everyday items are delivered by truck and a food book guide for drivers.

McMaster Medical Text

Due to COVID-19 our President and CEO felt it was important for the company to support the medical community, in particular from an educational/training perspective. Musket sponsored the development of the McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine.

The idea of the textbook was born from confluence of several factors:

  1. An increasing need for rapid, reliable, accessible, and inexpensive information allowing proper treatment of patients.
  2. A need to provide such information at lower than existing cost (or free); most existing resources are from USA.
  3. An existence of academic excellence in Canada, where experts are frequently advising 'the World' on how to manage patients; it follows a catch phrase of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), which originated at McMaster.
  4. An existence of established Polish background text originating from Jagiellonian University in Krakow (translated into Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish).
  5. A need to work in electronic space, where new knowledge should be available almost instantaneously (our COVID chapter is sometimes updated every few weeks).

Female AZ Scholarship Program

This annual scholarship is awarded to one (sometimes two) females each year who have shown a vested interest in building a career in the transportation industry. Learn more about 2022's winner here