In addition to competitive rates, our drivers appreciate the many other benefits that set Musket Transport Ltd. apart as one of the top employers in the province. Are you considering applying to join our team? Consider some of the advantages of earning a position behind the wheel of a Musket vehicle.

Flexible Scheduling

When you have family obligations or emergencies, Musket Transport works with you, not against you. We offer flexibility and have various routes that fit different driver schedules and requirements.

Work-Home Balance

In addition to our many long distance routes, we offer shorter routes to drivers looking to spend shorter stretches on the road. Drivers who choose to forego our long distance routes to California and other far-off destinations appreciate the ability to spend every other night and weekends at home. If you're family oriented or have various commitments at home, you may prefer this schedule.

Competitive Benefits

Musket Transport is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that offers a comprehensive benefit program which includes life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, health care insurance, drug coverage, dental care and emergency travel assistance.

Growth Opportunities

Dedicated to our team, when higher-level positions become available, we regularly promote internally. Of course, we reward those drivers who demonstrate the necessary skills and have the proper qualifications to meet the challenges of the open position.

Newer Equipment

At Musket Transport Ltd., we believe that for our drivers to do their job safely and on schedule, they require the right tools and equipment. Our equipment is 3 years old or less. We ensure that our trucks are professionally cleaned, and that our drivers have access to on-site repairs and knowledgeable mechanics.

Continuing Education

Dedicated to keeping our team and those they share the road with safe and up-to-date on the latest advances, we offer on-going driver training as required as well as renewal and refresher courses. This training is offered via our own province recommended driver training school, CHET (Commercial Heavy Equipment Training). Some of the interactive training options we have include state-of-the-art Simulator Training and the Virage Simulations VS600M Truck Simulator, which boasts realistic steering and responses from the clutch, accelerator and brake pedals; 3D sound and high fidelity visual scenes.

Referral Bonus Program

To recognize our drivers' efforts, Musket Transport Ltd. boasts a competitive referral program. Any driver who recruits US highway drivers or Montreal drivers that meet a set of criteria is eligible to receive a quarterly bonus for the maximum of a year. In addition, we also offer accessorial pay and have implemented a Safety and Performance Bonus Program.

Interested in learning more about the opportunities available at Musket Transport Ltd.? Apply now or contact for more information.