Innovation to stay ahead of your cargo and our competition.

EDI procedures are implemented throughout our intermodal and over-the-road (OTR) processes so we're saving our customers time and money from pick-up to delivery.

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

We've built EDI 322 and EDI 301 into our terminal systems to monitor gate activity and booking releases, respectively. These two shortcuts save you precious time by making coming and going much faster for drivers.

Our shipping-related EDIs include EDI 214 and EDI 204: 214 gives us the ability to provide customers a live updates as loads are delivered; 204 works to better streamline our vendor/third-party-carrier assignments so no time is wasted waiting for approvals.

As for invoicing, EDIs 210 and 810 do away with the paper invoice to make storage easier, helping us and our customers practice a more sustainable brand of business. We offer custom formatting of both to work with our customers' invoice structures.