Our Community

Taking Steps to Support and Grow Our Local and Global Community.

Musket Transport believes in giving back to the community. Whether we're helping transport and store toys for the Christmas toy drive or taking carefully considered steps into improving the environment, we believe in making a positive impact on the community.

As a company, we recognize the value of giving back and supporting others. Musket Transport works within the local community and helps support global initiatives, taking small steps to create a better world.

Please feel free to browse our categories of community action and the different projects we run and support.

Climate Action & Environmental Impact

Musket Transport has partnered with a number of companies and initiatives to help reduce the carbon footprint as a company as a whole.

Human Interest Initiatives

Musket's involvement in taking care of the community is an ongoing initiative built around care, concern, and dedication toward meaningful change.

Within the Transportation Sector

Not content to settle for archaic and dated practices, Musket has taken the steps to keep moving Canada's transportation industry into the future.

Education Programs & Initiatives

Musket constantly empowers initiatives related to lifelong learning, not just in the transportation sector, but even expanding into medicine.