Within the Transportation Sector

By creating strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, Musket constantly works to expand and transform the transportation sector. Not content to settle for archaic and dated practices, Musket has taken the steps to keep moving Canada's transportation industry into the future.

Peel Goods Movement Task Force

Musket and CHET are both members of the Peel Goods Movement Task Force. CHET is the first truck driver training school to join. We presented at the task force when we originally joined and representatives from Musket are often called to contribute during panels.

Smart Freight Centre

Musket is a sponsor of the Smart Freight Centre with CHET as a training partner. Previous training includes McMaster University and York University. We are now a research training partner with a project out of the University of Toronto looking at city logistics for the urban economy.

Trucking HR Canada

Musket first got involved by our attendance and active participation in Trucking HR Canada's Women with Drive events. As a representative for Musket, our communications officer is part of the Transformative Change Group; it is an excellent organization that provides a wealth of resources that supports our research and development of equity, diversity, and inclusion projects.

Truckers Against Trafficking

Musket and CHET provide Truckers Against Trafficking awareness training for students and drivers through our virtual campuses.

Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) – Carrier Member

CHET has been a longstanding member of TTSAO which is committed to providing the commercial trucking industry with the highest quality driver training programs for entry-level individuals; a mission CHET and Musket stand behind 100%.