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In Support of Peace and Stability

Musket is a Canadian company; our origins are similar to many others. Immigrants established us and we continue to train and employ generational Canadians, immigrants, and refugees. Therefore, it is critical for us to share a message of peace and shared concern for the families afflicted by the current invasion of Ukraine.

Since our establishment, the bulk of our company comprised of Slavic immigrants and refugees. Many of us have worked and celebrated many milestones together over the years. We continue to work with each other and welcome many other immigrant and refugee groups over the last 29 years. Aside from providing training and employment opportunities, we ensure that we provide a safe working environment.

As we continue to follow the news closely, our concern for Musket family members afflicted by the war has become paramount. It is our intention to assist where possible. Beyond our Musket family, we will review credible organizations that we can donate to as a company to support Ukraine's military efforts and civilians. During these terrifying times, we need to pull together and help those in need.

Musket will donate $10,000.00 to assist Ukrainians during this time and we have partnered up with Commercial Heavy Equipment Training (CHET) to provide free AZ driver training to 25 Ukrainian refugees. We look forward to welcoming Ukrainians to Ontario, Canada with training and employment opportunities.

The federal government has also established a policy to match Canadians' donations to the Red Cross in aid of Ukraine made by March 18, 2022. Click here to donate. For additional donation options, we can recommend the following:

Published on March 3, 2022