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Adapting to Meet New Federal Vaccine Mandates

A new federal order taking effect on January 1st, 2022 states that all federally regulated workers, including truck drivers, will face a COVID-19 vaccination mandate. The mandate states that no un-vaccinated commercial drivers from Canada may enter the US as of the first day of 2022.

As such, Musket Transport is taking calculated steps to ensure the health and safety, and employment security, of their employees while making sure there is little to no disruption in service to clients and customers as a result.

"As a vital part of the supply chain that keeps goods moving for Industry and for the general public, Musket works to protect our people, customers, and the public against the spread of COVID-19," states Daryn Rabb, Health and Safety Manager for Musket.

As of the January 1st deadline, the vast majority of Musket’s fleet (90%) will be fully vaccinated. For the remaining few, a proactive strategy is being implemented to educate the drivers and provide resources to learn more about vaccination and the new mandate. In the meantime, additional recruitment efforts are being undertaken and a transition process put in place to move current trainees from local service to crossing the border on an accelerated program.

Musket is taking these proactive steps in order to continue meeting the needs of their customers and are not expecting the mandate to cause any sort of significant impact on employees or clients as there will be minimal-to-no interruption in service.

Musket Transport has a history of meeting and exceeding standards and mandates for COVID-19 as laid out by the federal government and believes in an inclusive, safe, and healthy workplace. In February of 2021, Musket Transport was given a civic award of recognition as a COVID-19 hero — recognized for going above and beyond during the pandemic and helping local residents during this difficult time.

Rabb went on to say, "We follow the guidelines set out by government and Health Canada to minimize our COVID-19 risks so we can ensure that we continue to serve our customers without interruption and without diminished capacity."

For more information contact:

  • Jaime Rosa
  • Director of Operations / General Manager
  • Phone: 905-823-7800 Ext: 264
  • jaime.rosa@musket.ca

Published on December 15, 2020